Hawaii Business Data delivers a weekly listing of all newly registered businesses in the State of Hawaii via a subscription service. On average, there are 308 new business registrations each week in the State of Hawaii (Jan-June 2015).

Information includes:

  • Company name
  • Company type (ex. Partnership, LLC, Corporation)
  • Address (includes County for island-specific sorting)
  • Officers (with Titles)
  • Trade names
  • Registration date

The cost of this subscription is $15 per week, or $50 per month. Your subscription allows you access to our data repository where you can download that week’s data set.  Data is delivered in a *.csv file that you can easily import into Microsoft Excel or the database of your choice.

Your credit card will be charged weekly, or monthly, depending upon what subscription plan you choose.  You may cancel your subscription immediately, at any time, without any penalty or cancellation charges whatsoever by sending an email to cancel@hawaiibusinessdata.com

For more information, please contact Hawaii Business Data at (808) 321-0620 or email info@hawaiibusinessdata.com.